My Quest For Computer Cognition

My Quest For Computer Cognition
Situational scenes and ideas for a television sitcom, Miley Dreams. Miley will involve herself with a dude who discovered a mathematical, Cartesian relationship linking all biological life to a Creative entity. A fascinating discovery which motivates Miley and I and others to embark upon a quest for the secrets of biological cognition, ultimately to set the stage and the gears in motion for the construction of Murgatroyd: a future computer system mimicking biological cognition.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BSP-51: Dr. Seth Grant on Synapse Evolution

BSP-51: Dr. Seth Grant on Synapse Evolution

A fascinating interview. Total luck, and truly blessed I am to have found this one podcast, and to then have realized the information wrought from Dr. Grant's research at the time I was writing my own tome.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hannah Montana Takes New York

The future creationBirthPlace of Murgatroyd is destined for the New York tri-state metropolitan area. The headquarters for the folks who manage is Manhattan so I've decided to write and post the situational scenes for Miley Dreams here on Keeping everything together … sort of.

I'm contemplating the Hannah Montana 5 episodes now …


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice Caves Mountain Bound


MAIDEN drives with passenger SAGE northwestward towards Ice Cave Mountains.

You know what the definition of the perfect crime is?

MAIDEN turns her attention towards SAGE. Raises eyebrows.

The perfect crime is the type of crime where perpetrator plans his deeds towards the victim so that the victim doesn't realize an act of wrongdoing has been committed upon them. The longer the perp can keep the victim from realizing the wrongdoing has occured, the more perfect the crime is.

We have to think like criminals?

Yeah, sort of. But not like some two-bit criminal …, not like the majority of those who have never learned to care about their actions towards others.

SAGE begins typing on iPhone.

Who ‘ya callin’?

No, no one. I'm hooking up an everyday memo to myself. We're gonna soon watch two movies. To emphasize what I'm trying to say. The movies, Bonnie and Clyde, and, The Great Train Robbery. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were sloppy criminals and, well, … people like that have no qualities I'd want to emulate. But those guys who planned and executed the train robbery? Miley, whether it's organizing a team to put a man on the moon or to pull off a heist …? You know, those guys put forth the mental effort to plan it to make sure no one would get hurt. They were all wealthy, old senior citizen dudes. None of them needed the money. They did it simply for the thrill. Out of sheer boredom or something like that they team up to rob a train's cargo of gold bars. Doing it for some thrill …

Yeah, so what's a perfect or not crime stuff got to do with what we're gonna do by gettin' Murgatroyd?

To do with Murgatroyd and our bringing your fans to the quest? Probably nothing to do with this frame of mind. But we'll have a more difficult time were the Beast to know what our intentions are …, freakin' Catholics to the Protestant, Islamist, the arrogant goofball atheist and agnostic, all these heads on the same Beast, and each has a jugular we will want to sever.

Whoa, slow down. Back up. You're losing me.

Miley, listen. The treatise is going to usher in a new religion to future peoples. All the religions of today are whacked, and they by themselves cannot change to accomodate the reality of what the treatise will reveal. Instead of trying to create a perspective within you of good and bad intentions and the consequent results of these good and bad intentions by examples of the criminal mind, instead perhaps I should use corporations. I use examples of the good and the bad corporate leaders of past and perhaps you would realize that how we are to go about accomplishing what we want to do involves our best. Our best virtues put into whatever plans we devise in the future.

Oh, I get it. We aren't sloppy, two-bit Christians.

Yeah, definitely not. But most importantly we can't allow any one of those heads of the Beast to realize …? you know, we have to do whatever we do in the future in a way that is perfect. The Beast never knew a crime was being committed against it. It one day laid down and died never knowing it was our lethal wounds to it that made it tired and to then slumber and …

… and never to awaken.

(a beat) Yes, never to awaken.

MAIDEN wants to change these deep thoughts of SAGE. MAIDEN steers MERCEDES BENZ SUV off the main highway and onto service road. MAIDEN finds and parks in parking lot of supermarket. MAIDEN and SAGE exit MERCEDES BENZ SUV.

A quart of yogurt would do the trick.

I hope they have a sushi bar.

MAIDEN and SAGE walk through parking lot. MAIDEN bubbles up a low bass-tone chuckle.

I was just thinking. For us to collaborate with Disney, or any large, public enterprise we’d possibly be setting them up as a target of the Beast. They can’t be identified with us and what we're about, then.

Forget Disney, correct. Totally forget collaborating with any of those types. The three of us together. I want to be THE Christian to you. The Christian.

MAIDEN takes hold of arm of SAGE.

Somehow that two-fifths of your Hannah money will be put back. I don’t want things from you. All I want…? All I want is your Hannah Montana fans. I want their respect while they watch me lead you on the many paths towards Murgatroyd. We in the West have a head start already because of the way we’re set up, and I want to focus your fans on the many subjects, topics, and ideas that will bring their thoughts for how to proceed to understand and then to construct an actual system mimicking biological cognition.

(another low bass-tone chuckle) You make me laugh.

(chuckle) You make ME laugh.

You make ME laugh.

No, YOU make me laugh.

No, YOU make me laugh.

NO! YOU! make me laugh.

No, no, no. YOU make me laugh.

Sorry, you don’t understand.
YOU make ME laugh.

Sorry, YOU! don’t understand
ME! YOU make ME laugh.

Am I stuttering? Talking funny?
Listen, Cupcake. You make
me laugh. That’s it.
Simple to understand, no?

Am I stuttering? Am I talking funny?
Listen, Sir, you make me laugh. That’s it.
Simple to understand, no? End of discussion.
YOU make me laugh.

Aw, shucks, you’re just goofing around.
Pulling my leg or something.

Aw, shucks, you’re just goofing around.
Pulling my leg or something. Aren’t ‘ya?

You know, you’re so funny
I forgot to laugh?

You know, YOU’RE! so funny
I forgot to laugh?


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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mercedes Benz Hybrid SUV


MAIDEN drives with passenger SAGE northwestward through the streets and avenues of Manhattan.
Destination: Ice Cave Mountains, Ellenville, New York.

I don’t want to distract you
and your attention towards
what’s outside the windshield.

I’m paying attention. Don’t fret.
Just explain how you figure
you got to see it when it was
practically perfectly obvious
to those who should’ve seen it.

Because … .

'Cause why?

Because we like you!
Mickey’s mouse!

Donald’s duck!

Donald’s duck!

Mickey’s mouse!

Forever we can walk
and hold our heads up
high! High! HIGH!
Come on now and have some fun
and join our company!
M…O…U…S…E… .

SAGE and MAIDEN chuckle at their juvenile behavior.

We probably regressed back
a full decade of time
those last few moments there.

MAIDEN drives off ramp for the George Washington Bridge and travels north towards Palisades Interstate Parkway.

Don’t turn around.
I think someone is following us.
Get the whirlybirds to check ‘em out.

SAGE opens glove compartment. Flicks switches. Turns dials. Three video monitors portray different aerial views of MAIDEN’s Hybrid SUV traveling north.

Locking on infrared. Drones Betsy, Betty …,

Cupcake, listen.
If anything happens, and
things…? you know, if either one of us
doesn’t return to do the dishes tonight,
I want you to know I really,
really dug all those bowls of puddin’,
acts of pure love, … and
them there heapin’ dollops of
lumpy mashed potatoes —

I made sure there were always lumps
in the mashed potatoes.
Never totally smooth …,
the size you like, too …, everytime. Remember
all those pumpkin pie slices,
with the whipped cream,
the chopped walnuts, … loved it!

I do remember, Puddin', Cupcake, Sweetheart.
And Eternally grateful, I am.


Learnin’ to love the presence of
Miley "Maiden America" Cyrus.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Speed Shifts Treatise Into Third Gear


BILLY RAY and DOLLY PARTON step inside coffee shop, purchase Mocha Freddos, stepping to stand beside SAGE at table.

Howdy, partner.
Y’all mind us two squatin’ at yer table?

Oh, wow. Billy … Ray, and Dolly? Dolly Parton?

Wig, boots, and all. The real McCoy. Here I am.

SAGE extends hand. Shakes BILLY RAY’s, DOLLY PARTON’s hands.

Let me guess. You guys like my writing.

We love your writing.


MAIDEN, TISH, and BODYGUARD step out from taxi door.
BODYGUARD surveys situation, then stands blocking views
from inside café.

A bit crowded. I’ll go in with you both …
I’ll stand near the beverage and sandwich cabinets
while you talk.


BILLY RAY hands folder of papers to SAGE. Folder opened.


Pa just handed over the folder…


… the aforementioned entity, Cyrus Productions, hereafter referred to in this contract as “PRODUCER” or “PRODUCERS” will agree to pay an advance sum of twenty-five million dollars to acquire license to buy, sell, and to engage future promotional commercial interests and activities involving ideas from AUTHOR’s present written treatise and Quest tomes. Future works of AUTHOR …


You look nervous.
Gimme a couple deep breaths.

(Two full lungfuls of air and a smile while
nodding her head like, yeah)
Yeah, a little.

Go get ‘em.


MAIDEN and TISH purchases medium-sized Mocha Freddo
with whipped cream and chocolate syrup ribbon, steps to table.

Kurt, …

SAGE brings attention from contract document to the MAIDEN and TISH.

Oh, wow. Miley, … howdy.
Howdy-do to you. And Moms? Wow!

Let’s talk, … about your novel,
your quest, first of all.
(a beat) I like it.

You do.

I want to purchase rights to it. (a beat)
Movie, books, future merchandise.

SAGE rises, steps to stand alongside MAIDEN.

You, and the Cyrus family, want
the rights … to my novel. Not Disney.

Those guys won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.
You know why. (a beat) I’ll take it though. Gladly. I’ll help you push that treatise, and all those boxcars of projects and ideas you got hooked up to it already.

SAGE looks upon BILLY RAY, DOLLY, then towards BODYGUARD. SAGE cups MAIDEN’s face, kissing her forehead.

(chuckle) Miley Cyrus, wow. I’ll try to control the thrill, … and what’s happening now.
(a beat) My god, you, … speed shifting the treatise into third gear.

Miley, take a seat. Get comfortable.

Here’s a chair. Sit next to me.

POV - Contract document

Some things I’ve read in here so far …, are gonna need tweaking.


( continued ) SAGE
First, I’m not taking this much Hannah fan monies from Miley. Twenty-five million? That’s crazy.

We’re one of two others. Miley’s one-fifth of the twenty-five.

The treatise isn’t for sale, outright. My idea was to collaborate with the backer or sponser or whoever, and split future profits with some predetermined formula. This huge lump sum isn’t making me think collaboration.

(smirking grin) Steve wants first crack at commercial packages educating young folk specific to bio-cognition.


Steve Jobs. He’s two-fifths. Your Mayor Mike is … a show gratitude you to always keep New York in mind. Anything happens in the future, ’ya know?

I’ll need an attorney to look at this, ’ya know?

Of course. Here’s an advance, something to bank tomorrow morning. Tide you over between now and when the contract is validated.

BILLY RAY withdraws envelope containing bank draft check for fifty thousand dollars from inside vest pocket.

Wow. ( a beat ) Ain’t gonna get no sleep at the shelter tonight thunkin’ ‘bout all this.

You’re not sleeping in the shelter tonight. You’re coming with us.

Trump Tower is beautiful. Nice views from the thirtieth floor.

You won’t mind sleeping on the couch, will you?

(chuckle) No, no …, of course not.

( extending hand ) Gentlemen’s agreement then? on everything? So far as understood?

Yes. Definitely. I like the thought of collaborating with Steve and Mike …

SAGE looks towards MAIDEN.

( SAGE continues )
… and all of you wonderful people.

( looks at watch ) I gotta be back in Los Angelos early tomorrow. Suppose we can wrap this up, call it a day?

Stepping out of coffee shop, BILLY RAY, DOLLY, and TISH give reassurring nods to one another.

He’s good people. I like him. Trust him.

Scalliwags he’s not.

MILEY, SAGE, TISH stand ouside coffee shop. SAGE looks down at feet.

Hey, big guy. Whatch’ya thinking about?

I haven’t got the Hannah fans following us yet, and I may become, … be getting too comfortable now, too soon.

(smile) Nah.

Miley, Sweetheart, realize the next two-to-four years are gonna be sort of intense, but we’ll make it fun as we both become much more familiar with all the topics…, whatever we think will advance our understanding for the goal of creating Murgatroyd. (a beat) You ready?

Yes, Sir. You bet. Let’s do it.

The basics the first few years. To get up to speed. Courses at NYU…, we’ll learn at our own pace. Not by rote. (a beat) We’re both gonna have to stay cool to bring the Hannah fans on board. Together, if we’re gonna make it. Gonna do it, and not just try to do this. No slackin’, slouchin’ around …

Schedule our time, wisely.

Yes, of course. (a beat)
Listen, I want to be The Christian, to you. To your friends and fans, I'm the Teacher. They'll refer to me as the Teacher. Is that OK, with you?

OK, fine with me,
Teacher, Sir.

That night Miley dreams (something like) this.

(… to be continued)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maiden America and The Sage at the skeet range


MAIDEN AMERICA and SAGE walk gravel path towards skeet range. Both carry identical 20 gauge, 30" skeet choked, over-and-under Krieghoff K-80’s.

The concept is so elementary
you or anyone doesn’t require a college degree to understand.

Maybe I’m just not too bright then.

It’s got not a thing to do with
how your genes made your brain, my dear.

( I despise employing this condescending tone while informing, educating her. I’m always thinking of ways to work around this attitude that seems to have to prevail for the time being. - KH )

(SAGE continues) You first.

SAGE takes hold of electrical cord trigger hanging from the side of the left skeet tower. MAIDEN AMERICA steps onto the cement square of station one, breaks the stock of her shotgun and then removes a shotgun shell from holster belt pouch, placing the shell into chamber of shotgun. Closing the breech MAIDEN AMERICA brings herself into a practiced stance while raising the shotgun to her shoulder and pointing forward. The low bass-tone voice of the MAIDEN AMERICA is crisp and clear, as if from song.


SAGE depresses circular, rubber button on handle of electrical cord and a single clay pigeon is expelled from skeet tower directly in back of where MAIDEN AMERICA stands. Not three-quarters of a second of time passes before the clay pigeon is locked-on and burst apart with a quick, direct blast of buckshot. MAIDEN AMERICA brings the gun to waist level, removes the empty shell and inserts a new one. Closing the breech, she holds the shotgun at waist level.


Clay pigeon flies out from opposite tower. MAIDEN AMERICA is quick to raise shotgun to shoulder, aim and fire. The pigeon cracks and scatters into three large pieces that travel overhead and to her left. Empty shell is removed from chamber and two shotgun shells are then placed into each chamber. MAIDEN AMERICA brings the gun to her shoulder, raising the barrel motionless at a point up towards the sky where the flight line of the two clay pigeons are anticipated to travel.


Quick to swing the barrel of the shotgun towards the far skeet tower and MAIDEN AMERICA locks on to follow the trajectory of the clay pigeon spinning towards her, and fires. A scattering of pellets cracks the clay pigeon, pulverizing half the bird while the remaining and still intact half-piece of clay bird twirls itself to ground …, and SAGE watches second clay pigeon traveling farther away, almost out of range. SAGE turns towards MAIDEN AMERICA at second shot. SAGE refocuses eyes into distance to watch pieces of second clay bird sprinkle down upon the grass.

(with a smile and then chuckle) Almost got away.

The Maiden’s smile back to SAGE is forced. She doesn’t want to show hurt. She's self-conscious now since asking SAGE how does he know some things can’t come from nothing. - (... and I very much want to extricate this condescending tone in dialog between us. I have not figured a literary device to accomplish this just yet, though. - KH )

Miley there’s nothing wrong with the way you think or your perceived lack of an education that makes you or millions of others like you unable to appreciate the logic for what is said. It’s the spineless, gutless intellectual cowards running today’s media and the real rats in academia who foist all the crap on people that makes you and others uncertain and then unable to take a stand.

MAIDEN AMERICA steps off cement platform and SAGE hands her the electric trigger. SAGE listens to MAIDEN AMERICA speak as he walks away.

You’re saying the initial, raw, naked force/energy of the Big Bang could not have come from nothing, from some thing that doesn’t even exist. All that huge amount of force/energy, or that huge quality of attraction/repulsion that is characteistic of the four major forms of energy inside the universe now today, this force/energy could not have originated from nothing. OK, that I can understand totally. But then you said that the force/energy could not have transformed itself and made the things inside the universe ALL BY ITSELF. That the force/energy needs a system or a method or something else to work and involve itself with in order to transform itself into some thing else. How do you know that? And remember now, you’re the one always emphasizing the word know.

Because the force/energy of the Big Bang is similar to the energy in a battery, but a zillion times more powerful. The force/energy of the Big Bang is like the energy inside the magnet, but again the energy at the moment of the Big Bang was a zillion times more powerful. All the different types of force and energy we are familiar with can’t change into some thing else all by itself. Something has to be hooked up to an energy source in order to make use of that energy. Energy and force no matter how large can’t change itself into some thing else all by itself.

So what do you know? And I mean know.

SAGE raises shotgun to shoulder.


MAIDEN AMERICA presses button and clay pigeon flies out from tower behind SAGE. Soft metallic click of trigger mechanism of shotgun is heard.

Lost bird.

SAGE didn’t load shotgun, intentionally. I’m a little daffy, not you, Miley, is the want to make her feel now.

Miley, even were there an infinite number of universes, as one theory posits, and given the random, probalistic quantum nature of thought we’re all suppose to know and think so wonderfully with, and that it’s only luck or chance we exist the way we are in this one universe, the question and then the answer is, what is the source of origin for the force/energy of this universe, and all the other universes?

No one knows. You want to do that shot over?


SAGE loads a shell into the chamber and raises shotgun to shoulder.


SAGE follows and then points a little farther ahead of speeding clay pigeon, locks on to it and pulls the trigger.

Dead bird. And so what’s the answer?

The source of origin for the force/energy is responsible for hooking up the system or the method which transformed the force/energy into something else. This Source wrought the system and ultimately caused the transformation of the energy into all the things inside this universe, and all the other universes too, if you want to include them too, in thought. The statement, this Source Of Origin was responsible for our human existence, ... and the answer defines the nature of this Source Of Origin. Like, ‘ya know, one could soberly and intelligently surmise that the Source Of Origin is without sentience, of any kind. The Source Of Origin for the force/energy of the Big Bang is ...? It's some entity like a rock or a log or a puddle of water. Could be that way, correct? I mean, who knows? How absurd for academia to even consider plausible that the Source Of Origin could be a sentient entity and allow investigative thought to be.



Pow. Pow.

Two dead birds.

(to be continured)

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Maiden Spent The Day At Martha’s Vineyard

Miley and the Sage were near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for several days. Paid a visit to a frat house …, but it wasn't a frat house, in actuality. A secret, civilian Skunks works project … working on perfecting this. Driving towards Martha's Vineyard afterwards, at a quaint restaurant off the Interstate:

Int. Restaurant table - Evening

You'd start World War Three talkin' too loud about that.

We spilt blood and only our own to put 'Ole Glory up there. Everyone else is Socialist and a beer, p&j's, and TV mentality and way of life. What … Islamist leaders spend their oil money promoting new and silly Islamist sects on their people. Or they themselves spend it on French wine, women, food, and acres of French countryside to wile away their lives in. There's no equivalent Islamist organization similar to our NASA or the ESA. Islamist leaders have billions from the oil we buy from them and you don't see a team of Islamists attempt construction of something like The Large Hadron Collider. Islamist cultures are retarded and they want to keep their people backwards because of their pride in their religion. Why share the glory with those types? Any future government, laws, and customs on the lunar surface will be dictated by people from the West, and not these others.

(bubbling up another of her trademark
low bass-tone chuckles) We should design a second flag. A brand new design to stand beside the stars and stripes and that informs everyone that the US lays claim to the moon. What'd'ya think?

You know …? One of the many things I like about you is your spunk. I like that.

(jocular) You like that, huh?

(laughs) You bet your sweet bippy, young lady.

That night Miley falls asleep and will dream this.

Miley Dreams. The content of the show will be like no others. A totally cool show.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miley Cyrus: MotherCreator of Murgatroyd

Excerpted from The Canadian Press,
By David Germain (CP) – January 11th 2010

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood may find it tough to match 2009's record box-office revenue. Yet studios have a cast of characters this year to make a run for their money.
Among the gang:

"The Last Song" (April 2):
Contrary to the title, Miley Cyrus does not sing in her latest movie. It's all part of growing up and easing herself and fans beyond her perky Hannah Montana persona.
"I like all different kinds of movies, but mostly I like darker things," Cyrus said. "I've done a lot and feel like people don't take me seriously because they haven't seen the serious side of me."
"The Last Song" casts Cyrus as a sullen teen who turns down a scholarship to The Juilliard School and wants nothing to do with music, a reaction against her estranged father (Greg Kinnear), a pianist. Forced to spend a summer with him, her character ends up reconnecting with dad through music, after all. Cyrus learned to play classical piano for the movie.
Though it deals with dark themes, the movie still carries a family friendly PG rating.
"I think it's good, because I don't want to go away from my fans too quickly," Cyrus said. "But then again, I still want to be edgy, and I definitely want to keep the older fans I've got."

mergatroidal - Disney is in possession of a potential powerbase of influence to steer the course of the future world were they to work with our Miley and that treatise of mine. Do those at Disney realize the Creator is observing these moments with rapt, a keen attention? ~,~ I can realize no other person other than the tween celebrity Rock Star Miley Cyrus able to pull off the goals for worldwide change needed today. Miley Cyrus is poised in life to saddle up and embark on a mission that will alter the course of history. She has the makings of another Joan of Arc. 

What a dream. Advancing the quality of life issues. Slaying dragons, etc.  


Friday, January 8, 2010

Coming To The Rescue Of The Young Hannah Fan

Fade in:

Int. - Night - Girl's bedroom

Father enters room and places ten year old daughter on his lap. 
Father's arms embrace daughter. 

Your Moms says you been feelin' bad all day. 
Wanna talk about it?

(teary-eyed) … Miley … Hannah, she took her clothes off 
in some magazine. 

… and I will write this tenderly, at some future place 
and date. The kid needs an adult male to explain things 
'cause Moms isn't saying, portraying the reality of the 
situation. (Those touchy, feely females, ugh! 'Ya know? (¡~,~¡) What Miley wants by acting the way she is, Father 
explains to daughter, is what Father is doing 
with the daughter at this very moment.

Tender talk and hugs from other people is what Miley 
wants now, and they can't come from Moms and Billy 
Ray anymore, sweetheart. Why not? Because she wants 
someone else, like your mother and I wanted each other 
years ago. 

But does she have to go looking for tender talk and 
hugs by taking her clothes off?
… and I want to think this dialog through. Miley is 
taking her clothes off because, seriously, it's her Destiny 
to do this, to acquire the attention of the Sage who's 
being raped and pestered daily by the satanic social 
engineers of modern day America. Miley's jailbait public 
persona was successful, because the reality of the 
situation is, HEY!!!! HERE I AM, PEOPLE!!!! …? I could 
work with this line of thought, though it isn't a prescription 
of conduct for other celebrities to follow. Either way, 
Miley is successful and wealthy, and I can portray her 
salacious conduct a signal expressing an idiosyncratic of 
the Creator. What is this idiosyncratic "signal" the Creator 
has "imparted" upon our beloved Miley? The Creator has 
found favor with Miley, and I, the Sage, I have to toy with 
how to move this train of thought.     

Young folk who act this way simply enjoy sex 
(thoughts). Wealthy or poor the stigma is there, and 
perhaps for good reason certain social taboos are 
necessary. I want to inject the Creator as an important 
element to consider when a young person, male or 
female, acts this way, is all.

I have to think this through … . And without 
acknowledging the Creator, than one explores their 
sexuality to only recognize their own likes and dislikes in 
this arena. And, to each his or her own, fine. Consider 
the Creator while investigating your sexuality, and what 
those thoughts and feelings are all about.

Miley has thoughts and feelings for wanting tender 
talk and hugs, and her Moms and Pa aren't the people 
she wants to talk to and hug with now. 

But the Maiden, Maiden America, our Miley, isn't 
undressing in pictures to have people talk and hug her 
tenderly, Dad.

Yes and no, sweetheart. Miley's testing herself and 

I thonk I got the gist of it nailed …,
Jan 8, 2010 7:00 

Father holds daughter on lap. Embracing her with a firm 
hug of his arms  She's facing away from him as he 
speaks to her. 

Our Miley's been thinking thoughts that make a guy want 
to do things that make her have a baby in her tummy. 
But Miley doesn't want a baby of her own, yet. She's just 
acting the way she is 'cause it makes her feel grown up 
and like an adult. People around her may, without 
intending to, they treat her and make her feel like a kid, a big kid, and so 
she wants to hurry up and grow up so that people will 
stop treating her like a kid. She's acting the way she 
does to make adults look at her as one of them and 
maybe this will stop them from sometimes talking and 
acting as if she's some little kid. Miley wants the respect 
of an adult."

Does Miley want a baby?

Having a baby of her own right now, at this time in her 
life is not what she wants. She's just checking out all the 
new thoughts and feelings the world is presenting to her 
now. Miley's got millions of dollars in her pocket now, 
and money opens up possibilities to do things. She's 
walking around doing things …, with … Places to go. 
People to see. Things to do. Miley's exploring the 
opportunities in her life now. Some opportunities will be 
rewarding for her, others will bring her pain. She has to 
step into each opportunity to find out, though. That's life.

Aren't those people taking pictures of her bad people for 
her to be with, though?

(She has to be wary of people, for sure …, but she's 
keen and got smart people around her, lookin out for 
her.) Anne Liebowitz took some photos of her —

The ones Moms and I saw in the magazine at the library.

Yeah, and because of that photo shoot with Anne and 
her friends, Miley is now friends with a well-known 
photographer, with Anne. Suppose some time in the 
future Miley has a project in the works and she feels the 
expertise of a good photographer is necessary. Miley will 
think, I know, I'll call Anne and ask her for help. 
Places to go. People to see. Things to do. Miley's making 
friends now.  But at the end of the day you know what 
Miley wants?

(beat) …

Miley wants someplace to go where it's warm and safe, 
and to have someone who she can give tender talk and 
hugs to.

                                        Fade out:

 I gotta work on this. The reality of the situation. I 
need some help 'cause I ain't thunkin' this through 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Synopsis of Miley Dreams — 2010

Huh, some dude Alexander is posting here for business? ~,~ • Sure, I'll play along … .

I want Miley and Tish to take up residence in Manhattan. 
The neighborhood around Park Avenue South is an ideal 
place for Miley and Moms to …? hide out within while the 
three of us brainstorm the screenplay for Miley Dreams. I 
imagine five, ten, at most fifteen months and the bulk of 
ideas will be thought out and a storyboard written ready for 
production. Videos of her aren't doing it. I need to become a 
bit more familiar with the idiosyncratics of Maiden America, 
aka our Miley, while she's still in her teenage years. The 
contrived, cookiecutter Hannah Montana lines for everyone 
are not my idea of the ideal for the characters in Miley 
Dreams. We break out of the mold to do Miley Dreams … .

Our Miley, Maiden America will want to understand 
that tome I wrote. Perhaps while surfing the Internet the idea 
of a computer system mimicking biological cognition is what 
first draws the Maiden's attention my way. Perhaps what 
draws her attention is how I spank Islamists:

and my jocular wit portraying the West as the best sparks an interest within her? 
Whatever causes her attention my way, as I describe and explain things I don't want a 
condescending air to our relationship. I don't want contrived 
things, emotions, and thoughts 'cause whatever is brought to
 be between the Maiden and the Sage (that's moi), I want 
first Miley to realize and then the audience of Miley Dreams 
to eventually come to the realization that Miley and I are on 
a mission of God. The Creator wants the West to begin 
taking steps to learn and understand biological 

The future world will truly become a better 
place for all while the best and the brightest strive to unravel 
the secrets of biological cognition. While we learn we also 
seek to bring application to any new-found knowledge and 
have begun construction within the New York metro area, 
…? Manhattan is deemed the destined creationbirthplace 
of Murgatroyd, the very first prototype computer system with 
verifiable cognition … 
Western governments and 
academic institutions have taken steps for the theoretical 
design and construction of prototype robots with computer 
systems mimicking biological cognition.

Miley Dreams portrays certain influential young folk in Islamist 
nations watching as the Maiden stirs first her fans and then 
an entire generation of young folk here in the West to this 
quest for robots with bio cognition. The young folk in Islamist 
nations rise up in revolt precisely because of what the 
Maiden, our Miley is doing to people in the West. Portraying 
influential Islamists realizing (in Miley Dreams dialog) that 
once the West has constructed the first robot(s) with bio 
cognition, their Islamist culture and civilization is being 
doomed. What kid with any ambition living in an Islamist 
nation will want to spend time reading the Qur'an and waste 
all their time acting goofy in rituals when they see and 
realize people in the West are learning about and actually 
building these robots? Our Miley plants the seeds of 
revolution in the minds of billions of Islamists, ... and when 
the Maiden reads or watches news reports in Miley Dreams 
of this realization for what she's doing … — and I want to 
actually talk like this to Miley Cyrus, and then to watch her 
reaction and how she laughs to this depiction of her and her 
character now. I need to become more familiar with Miley 
Cyrus, her idiosyncratics and manners, so as to write the 
more perfect screenplay.

Imagine Alexander a potential future reality: the now belligerent to the West 
Iranian leaders are history. They have been replaced, and 
the new leaders have dismantled their nuclear arsenal …, 
done because of the Maiden, our treasure, the loved by all, 
the wonderful Miley Cyrus. Without firing a shot …, imagine 

I want Miley Cyrus. She's perfect for the role. 
She can accomplish great things. I can boost her up on a 
stead, to lead a generation to strive to also accomplish great
 things. I imagine ten, fifteen months is enough time to write 
the initial season of episodes … .


Howdy, Miley. I got the reigns of a 
nice horse to give to 'ya, and a kiss to the forehead, when 
we first meet, … if 'ya want 'em. You're perfect for the role. 


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Talking about Cortez to The Maiden

Fade in:
Int. Starbucks - Day

The Maiden and the Sage seated at a table - Venti coffees.

Sage: Miley, imagine I'm with Cortez and his entourage of conquistadors. Montezuma and his priests have invited us to watch a sacrificial ceremony ..., and we watch a half dozen splendidly dressed young girls stepping up the pyramid steps, eventually to stand close to where we stand. Once at the top each girl is handed a basket of vegetables, and then led to the edge of a pit where a raging fire burns below. One of the preists will push the girl to topple down into the pit. We're told later that the Mayan priests sacrifice girls to appease their gods who may return the favor by allowing a bountiful yield of crops next year. One of the girls brought a bloodcurdling scream out from the pit, and I imagine Cortez and I turning to look at each other. The expression on his face is of a calm but loathsome repugnance. I imagine Cortez ...? A devout Christian. On a mission, always the frame of mind. The Lord has put him here for a reason. The adrenaline is quick ..., he's realizing the Mayans, ... that their days were numbered.

Back at camp later that day Cortez began the discussion on how we were to go about destroying these pagans ... by the grace of God, in the name of Jesus.

Maiden America: From the way you tell it Cortez doesn't sound like the devilish type of guy others make him out to be, actually. There were reasons for the ..., what the history books say what happened then and there.

Sage: He was what he was, 'ya know? Islam actually isn't much different then the Mayan religion. Were anyone today seeking to know and understand the Creator,...? Islam and the words and thoughts generated by a reading of the Qur'an do not express the will and the intentions of the Creator to us, its human creation. All the promolgation of thought by their sages is baloney.

Maiden America: How can you say that? How 'ya know?

Sage: Did the treatise come from one of theirs? Why me instead of a learned sage from any of the major religions? That treatise was suppose to come from one of those types, those who devote their entire lives to such thoughts. That treatise shouldn't have originated from the likes of someone like me. Why did the Creator allow me to think the thoughts that led to the writing of that tome?

Maiden America: Maybe the Creator isn't hanging out with -- them.

Sage: Exactly. I doubt very much the Creator wants one more goofball religion with all the silly rituals for us humans to act upon the earth with.


... to be continued. I'm not done, ... thunkin' 'bout this.

I'm 644. Miley is 214. And to imagine constructive, mature dialoge with Miley "Maiden America" Cyrus, the Rock Star ... is quite inspiring. :-)


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miley Dreams — "More Than Infatuation."

Fade In:
Ext. Tennessee Hillside – Day

Miley and Noah stroll through open field to a path in the forest leading to a small pond. Miley and Noah draw pond water into glass jars and then walk back onto path and through field to house.

Fade out:

Fade In:
Int. of room of house

Two binocular microscopes and computers on tables. Music on radio plays Mountain's, Nantucket Sleighride. Miley and Noah enter room and prepare slides with pond water for mounting on microscopes. Sunbeam through window sparkles microscopes Miley and Noah stand beside. Miley places her 228 month Rockstar hip upon a stool, and then while moving and adjusting her hip so as to sit upon the stool more comfortably, Miley leans her upper body to peer down the eyepiece of the microscope.

Through the eyepiece, the glass slide is nudged until a paramecium slithers into view. Miley picks up tweezers, pinches grains of salt from table, dropping salt grains upon drop of water on the slide. 228 month Miley is seen to again move and adjust her hips upon the stool as her eye is brought to the eyepiece ... . Ten, fifteen seconds of time passes before the paramecium is seen to disintegrate through the eyepiece.

Miley sits upright. Pensive for several moments.

Voice Over from cc radio; the song, I Don't Like Monday's, by the Boom Town Rats.
'The silicon chip inside her head switched to over-load.'
Back to scene:

Miley turns to stare at cc radio.

Tell me why / I don't like mondays
Tell me why / I don't like mondays
Tell me why / I don't like mondays
I wanna shoot the whole day down.

Back to scene:
Noah (lifting her eye from the microscope):
These things are cool.

Miley begins nodding her head (like yeah) to Noah. Miley listens to radio intently.

Announcer's Voice Over from cc radio:
That was Bob Geldof and the Boom Town Rats with their, I Don't Like Mondays.
And now Robots From God, by Third Person Schizoids.

I feel pain. I feel joy. Smashed my thumb. I'm too hot and then quickly cold.
I mimic my creators. I'm a robot from God.
Don't sweat. Don't break your back. Let me lift that for you.
I'm your robot. The intentions of the Creator God. I'm robots from God.
Back to scene:

Miley picks up cellphone:

"Pa, tell Queeg to get the papers for me to sign
for the place on Park Avenue.
And call and tell Maggie.
I want to move in as soon as possible, too, OK?"

Billy Ray voice over:

"Honey, are you sure you want to do this?
That man is gonna done pour a whole lot of his gravy over those
dollops of lumpy mashed potatoes you'll be serv'n up ...!"


"Pa, I think I know ..., I hope it's my destiny. I love you."

Billy Ray:

"I love you, too, cupcake. I'll call Queeg and Maggie within the hour."

Fade out:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Virginia and eugene's house was / is a faggot factory

Dad was a Navy veteran. An electrical engineer at IBM.
A drunk who nods approvals to the molesters
at Michigan vacation pools.
To the faggots sitting beside me in the theater
finger-fucking me while I sleep and dream and awake
to feel as if I just disgorged a hot piece of shit one morning.

Moms a practicing Roman Catholic
who puts stuff in my morning milk toast
before I hop aboard the school bus.
The stuff is supposed to make my imagination think ... .
The stuff makes me feel
like my anus is the vagina.
'Cause to the both of them, they've told my neighborhood friends,
"Kurt's a faggot. He just doesn't know it yet."

Government-coordinated faggot factories.
Raping kid's minds with malice aforethought.
Similar to the incorrigible Islamist Jihadist
not a twinge of guilt from this crowd.
New York State Empire, 20th Century America

I co-habit with three other male sycophants.
They're co-conspirators with and security guards to
Mom & Dad's Faggot Factory Homestead.
For the first seventeen years of my life
with chemicals and hypnotic suggestions to brainwash me into
'Family is trying to turn me into a faggot ...!'

Virginia & eugene's house is / was a faggot factory.
There are tens of hundreds of thousands of faggot factories
scattered across these Western lands.
Faggottism is alive and well, growing strong in America.

Government-coordinated faggot factories.
Raping kid's minds with malice aforethought.
Similar to the incorrigible Islamist Jihadist
not a twinge of guilt from this crowd.
New York State Empire, 20th Century America

(Miley & I will spank 'em, ... we'll get 'em.)
(Miley & I will spank 'em, ... we'll get 'em.)
(Miley & I will spank 'em, ... we'll get 'em.)

(Hey, brother, where ya' goin' wid dat gover'ment is-sued pistol in y'hore hand?)
(Hey, brother, where ya' goin' wid dat gover'ment is-sued pistol in y'hore hand?)
(Hey, brother, where ya' goin' wid dat gover'ment is-sued pistol in y'hore hand?)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Little Girl's Butts

Little Girls Butts, or
If You Can't Convince Howard Stern With Genius
Baffle Him With It

Wrapped clad in blue denim or purple nylon spandex, I
X-ray through the stinky parts.
She makes each movement a coordinate, portents of Life.
Mini-glutes sparkle muscles's energy
forcing bone angles, motion
stepping forward, skipping, jumping up, squatting down.
"Fascinating," as Spock would say.
"The juncture for half her body's energy."

Today's spineless, gutless intellectual cowards of academia claim,
"Alone and by itself the dense packet of force/energy from the Big Bang,
after billions of years, evolved into ..." for instance,
evolved into the mass and motion of a little girl's butt.

Butt energy, or any form of force/energy cannot transform itself
into any other "thing" all by itself.

Today's spineless, gutless intellectual cowards of academia have yet to pronounce
the necessity for the existence of an entity as the source of origin
for the force/energy of the Big Bang.
An entity which must exist and be responsible for
engineering the order of transformation
for that infinitely dense packet of force/energy
from the Big Bang at t < 1.

"Miley "Maiden America" Cyrus, your fans will someday break camp.
The best and brightest to saddle up for battle.
Three fronts: religious, educational, political."

"Archaic religious texts are not inspired transmissions
detailing the will and the intentions of the Creator
to us, Its human creation.
Sever this jugular in the minds of the masses."

"Acknowledge the existence of a Creative entity in the classroom.
And through scientific inquiry and with a rational frame of mind,
psychoanalyze this Creative entity to understand
Its will, intentions, and demeanor."

"Your fans personal constitutions are a potent political force."

"God speed."


Saturday, December 5, 2009

The first instance of introspection ...

... and the tots eyes bring to mind the incomprehensible symbols,

Just Breath

I must wait to pour my gravy on a lovely dollop of lumpy mashed potatoes that will someday lie on my plate.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miley Cyrus: Wishing You A Happy Seventeenth (plus nine months) Year Of Biological Existence

Imagine. Miley Cyrus is past fifty, sixty, seventy, ... who knows how many years of age. Long before, I shook off my mortal coil.

Miley has recently bestowed the Cyrus Award to a group of researchers. The paper of Papers has been written. The systems, mechanisms of biological cognition are revealed to all, so much so that time and the resources to build with are the only obstacles which prevent the innovative mind from placing the first cognitive (computer) system mimicking biological cognition into existence. We did it.

Made me one proud woman, to boot.

Maiden America, Rock Star, And The Sage.

Cool. Real cool.


Hoping this month is a happy month, sweetheart.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Western Female Is The Best

This is more an exercise in film making. Sitting on a park bench for less than a minute and this view/perspecitive came about. Nothing more happened as I recorded, other than to make the two females self-conscious.

I had thoughts to expound upon thoughts and comments like this in mind.

I'm practicing my film making, producing, and directing skills ... .


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